​​​​​We are the number one source for commercial plumbing in Chicago, IL. Your house isn't the only thing susceptible to bad plumbing and the damage it can bring. That is why we provide commercial plumbing repair. We provide free video estimates during business hours and will work with most insurance companies to make sure that they hold up their end of the bargain. You've already lost enough time to bad plumbing, and you shouldn't have to lose more to a bad insurance company. Let us handle the details, leaving you to handle your business.

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​At Loves Plumbing & Sewer, we provide the best residential plumbing in Chicago, IL. Our residential plumbers are equipped to handle any plumbing damage that can affect your house. We can often get your insurance to cover your plumbing renovations to save you time and money. We all know what a Chicago winter can do to your pipes, which is why we provide emergency burst pipe repair, thawing of frozen pipes, flood evaluation, and hydro jetting. We can also help  take care of your sump pump and well pump needs.

​We work with most insurance companies!

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​​​​​Loves Plumbing and Sewer works to keep homes running by fixing leaky pipes,​, broken waters heaters, and more.....

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​Our process starts with sewer inspection which we do with a free sewer video inspection. We'll do it for free during business hours, although it is a service we provide 24/7. After inspecting the sewer line, we'll determine the next course of action. Sometime, there is merely a case of sewer backup which simply requires cleaning the line. If that's the case, we provide sink line rodding and mainline rodding to clear out blockage and help drain black water. In the event that your system dose need repairing, we can provide expert sewer line repair.

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